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I’m not much of a writer but feel free to take a peek into my brain.

03 Apr Warm Welcome in Cold Mongolia

After months of training, meeting partners for funds, and more than 12 hours of travel from Manila, we finally arrived at Chinggis Khan International Airport. The coldness of the city was no match to the warmth of the team who welcomed us at the airport. Some members of Every Nation Church Mongolia helped us settle in our hotel. It was there where we handed them a special gift from the Philippines – an electro-acoustic guitar for their worship team. It was such...

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02 Apr 3,922 Kilometers in the Making

I have very personal reasons why I wanted to go to Mongolia. Back in 2013, I had the privilege of meeting two Mongolians named Ulzii and Baska. They came to the Philippines to study for the School of World Missions and during their stay here, I became their unofficial chaperone. I helped them through some of their assignments while they keep me laughing with their jokes. One time, I kiddingly told them I’d go visit them within the next 5 years....

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21 Mar Start, Stay, Finish Strong

We all start out strong. But somewhere along the road we come across challenges, decisions, roadblocks -- various oppositions that makes life difficult. And then we feel incompetent and unsure of what we're fighting for in the first place. We start to compare ourselves with others only to find out that we're not as good as we thought we are. And then, very subtly, we shift from living to barely surviving. We leave our ground and let the world define...

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18 Feb On Nuts and Faithfulness

I've been through a series of major adjustments since we moved in to our new apartment -- new housemates, new routines, and even new stuff. The other night, I was trying to assemble a stove we bought when I realized that I'm missing a small piece of metal that secures the bolt to one of the stands. This piece, called the nut,  is probably the smallest piece in the whole package and the truth is, it doesn't appeal much. So...

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