3,922 Kilometers in the Making

02 Apr 3,922 Kilometers in the Making

I have very personal reasons why I wanted to go to Mongolia. Back in 2013, I had the privilege of meeting two Mongolians named Ulzii and Baska. They came to the Philippines to study for the School of World Missions and during their stay here, I became their unofficial chaperone. I helped them through some of their assignments while they keep me laughing with their jokes. One time, I kiddingly told them I’d go visit them within the next 5 years. Little did I know that God was listening and within a year’s time, that empty promise would become a reality. I would have the opportunity to see them again through a short-term mission trip with a team from Victory Fort Bonifacio. I’ve never been out of South East Asia, let alone 3,922 kms away from home. God surely has a great sense of humor.

Baska (left) and Ulzii (right) poses in front of a Mongolian flag in Manila.

Baska Baivii is one of the leaders of Father’s Love Church in Mongolia. He came to know Jesus in 2011 when his classmate invited him to a small group for bible study. It was after a few meetings that he surrendered his life to Christ and accepted Him as his Lord and Savior. He says that his view of life has changed when he found purpose in Christ. As he grew in the faith, God gave him a burden to reach out not only to the young people of Mongolia but also of North Korea! He plans to become a missionary there someday.

Ulzii Batjargal was 13 when he first heard about Jesus through a radio report of a healing crusade in Ulaanbaatar. Suffering from a heart disease back then, he used all the money he had to get to the city and witness the healings first-hand. He was amazed to see a lot of people receiving healing in the name of Jesus, and it gave him the faith to believe that Jesus can heal him too. For three years, he came back and forth the children’s hospital to receive medication. Eventually, some Christian missionaries from Hawaii sponsored his much-needed heart surgery in the US. God turned his life around and he got a new heart not only physically, but also spiritually. He completely surrendered his life to Jesus. Ulzii now serves in the city office of Ulaanbaatar and his passion for the young people is driven by the knowledge that God can save others just as much as God saved him.

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