A Walk to Remember

05 Apr A Walk to Remember

We woke up early to do a very exciting activity this morning – walk along the streets while praying! A few locals (some we met only that day) joined us as we passed by various government offices and educational institutions. Eventually, we reached a famous landmark named Sukhbaatar Square. It’s a place that is surrounded by some government offices including the National Bank, the Mongolian Stock Exchange building, the Mayor’s Office and the Parliament’s Palace. It is there where we first met Tegshee (Mongolian) and Alfonso (Spanish), who eventually became good friends of our team.

The team (with some locals) strikes a pose at the Ministry of Labour office.

My “Mongolian Buddies” filled me in with history, culture, and fascinating stories about the places we passed by. Special thanks to Murun(ski) for the translations! 🙂

The Parliament Building in Sukhbaatar Square never fails to amaze me. Notice the lack of security required on a high-profile institution. We went inside but weren’t allowed to take photos.


A huge statue of Chinggis Khan, Mongolia’s greatest hero, guards the facade of the Parliament House.


Sukhbaatar Square, Ulanbaatar’s humungous plaza for national events and whatnots. I heard that people do ice skating here during winter!

We wouldn’t be able to eat in this cafeteria if not for the locals who patiently explained to us everything on the menu.

Outtakes from this morning’s trip:

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