An Unexpected Invitation

10 Apr An Unexpected Invitation

One of the people who were deeply touched during the prayer & worship night was Jila Amarjil. She invited the whole team to visit her in an old circus and told us that she wanted to give us a gift. As we arrived at her “workstation,” we found out that she’s actually a local celebrity in Mongolia! Aside from singing professionally, she also teaches young kids how to do acrobatics. In fact, she had two of her students perform for us in her studio. After their unbelievable, out-of-this world, incredible performance, we prayed for her and the kids and the classes that she’s teaching. She is now an active member of the church in Ulaanbaatar.


The old circus looks abandoned at first glance.

But as we stepped inside, we saw a lot of people practicing their acrobatics on every corner!

Jila’s students proving us their mad skills:

Jila prepares as she shows us “how it’s done.”

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Jila’s killer moves.
It’s been a humbling opportunity to pray for Jila and the kids.


And then the obligatory crazy pose with the crazy talented girls!


Look, she even gave us chocolates! Such a sweet gesture from Jila.
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