Minor Fall, Major Lift

09 Apr Minor Fall, Major Lift

We were supposed to go to the countryside to visit a church but around 100 kilometers into the trip, one of the cars broke down and it had to be pulled back to the city. It took us almost 4 hours to do it! And though we were a little bit sad (and tired) because things didn’t go out as planned, God encouraged us by doing amazing, amazing, amazing things through the prayer and worship night. God allowed us to speak prophetically to the members of the church, which of course, wouldn’t be possible without the Holy Spirit working in our midst. 🙂

Minor Fall:

A picturesque view of Mongolian’s countryside!

One of the cars broke down and we had no choice but to pull it back to the city. We tried to get help but all there was were mountains and cattle and the infinite sky.


We finally reached a village but everything is just closed for operations, like this restaurant.


And it’s starting to look like there are not much people here either.

Until a few people (like this father and son) shows up, but they couldn’t help either.


So the other car had to drive back to the city, get a stronger clamp, drive back to the bugged down car, and pull it back to the city in an incredibly slow pace. Long story short, all of us made it back to the city at around 6pm (we departed at 7am).

Major Lift:

That evening, we joined the local church’s prayer & worship night. We’re jam packed!

Tonight’s music team was led by my good friend Bataa.


Ptr. Oogii leads the exhortation.

The whole team ministering to the leaders of the church:

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