Together Forever

04 Apr Together Forever

Although a conservative country, more and more children are being brought up in broken families in Mongolia, particularly in Ulaanbaatar. On our first night, we had a privilege to impart God’s plan for marriage to 13 local couples through an event called “Together Forever.” A couple from our team, JayArr and Janet Estrada, encouraged the couples of the church with a message of unity that’s centered on Jesus. The room was pretty emotional as the couples renewed their vows through love letters they wrote to each other.

Lotlot and Monching JayArr & Janet led tonight’s activity. I believe everyone(even the singles in the room) had a fruitful time listening and learning from their marriage. I truly appreciate the integrity and sincerity of their message.


This is just adorbs. These are the couples who attended tonight’s talk. Too much sweetness in one collage, I just can’t!

One of the activities they had was making straw towers using only one hand each. It’s harder than it looks, but sweet nonetheless.

They also wrote love letters to each other with their framed photo as their souvenir. I know it sounds old school but how often do couples really receive a love letter in this day and age? It’s actually one of the most emotional moments that night.
And while the moms & dads are busy, we get to play with these kids who wouldn’t stop grabbing my phone for selfies. But who could resist?!
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