UB House Visits

12 Apr UB House Visits

Ulzii, one of the members of the church (and a very good friend of mine) invited us to his house for dinner. It was a refreshing moment for all of us to be welcomed in someone else’s home. I was even surprised to see our photo framed beside his bed. I would always remember how much fun we had that night, specially when everyone can just be crazy in front of each other. Another house we visited was Brother Baskaa’s. We were served with a very sumptuous dinner and got to pray for their kids too. We had an awesome time reminiscing all the activities we had during our stay in Mongolia, and just how blessed we are to see new friends enjoy their new-found relationships with Jesus.

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The team goofin’ off at Ulzii’s house.
And the brotherhood’s back!

One of our last activities in Mongolia before heading back to the airport was praying for Brother Baskaa’s son.
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