Victory Weekend & The Paralytic

11 Apr Victory Weekend & The Paralytic

On the 8th day of our mission trip, we held an event called Victory Weekend. Victory Weekend is a two-day retreat that helps believers to have a deeper relationship with God and focus on establishing the spiritual foundations necessary for a life-long walk with Him. We covered topics like Lordship, repentance, faith, church, and the power of the Holy Spirit. On the first day of the retreat, an interesting thing happened. One of the women in the room was Toya. She had been a paralytic since she was six months old due to a car accident. She is now on her thirties and she barely managed to get into the room where we met (if not for her two sisters who holds her on both sides so she could walk). During the prayer time after the session on The Power of the Holy Spirit, she suddenly stood up and walked unassisted from the back of the room towards the front while declaring “Hallelujah!” She said it was her first time to do so and we got news that before we left, she stood up in front of the congregation she attends in the countryside and gave testimony of her healing. Indeed, God is in the business of bringing healing and restoration for His glory.

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