When Campuses Open Up

10 Apr When Campuses Open Up

We went to two campuses in Ulaanbaatar. The first one is Etugen Institute, a medical school that has about 15,000 students. We were welcomed into the faculty rooms where we had an opportunity to talk one-on-one with the professors of the school. We also had the privilege to stay in some of the classes and engage with the students there. Thanks to our local friends (and Google Translate), we were able to communicate with the students and have a great time with them. We really enjoyed our time with the students that we even invited them over for lunch in a nearby restaurant.

Another campus we visited is Global Leadership Institute. This is where some of our new friends, like Nathan, are studying. Again, we were able to engage with some students and the faculty, and invited them to the Pizza Party that afternoon.

We weren’t able to take much pictures because classes were ongoing when we came, but I’m glad we were able to pull out this photo with some of our new Mongolian friends. Fun times!
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