SG on a Shoestring: The Wafer Ice Cream

09 Jul SG on a Shoestring: The Wafer Ice Cream

#SGonaShoestring is a blog series on my 30-day staycation in Singapore. This trip does not include every tourist attraction since I’ve been to some of them before. I only write about my road-less-traveled experiences when I could. They may not necessarily be the best (or the smartest) but if you want a different perspective on the “Little Red Dot,” I invite you to follow this blogventure!

Singapore is known for it’s super wide array of food choices. But if there’s one street food you can’t avail to miss, it’s the Singapore Wafer Ice Cream! Why not? With temperatures ranging from a warm 24C to a scorching 36C, it’s not just proper — but necessary — to cool down with these cheap, tasty, satisfying creamy goodness. Ok, it might not be the best thing that ever happened to SG, but who could say no to an ice cream after a long stroll in the tropics and sweat’s dripping from all over your face? With different flavors to choose from and a price ranging from S$1.20 to S$2, it’s the ultimate life-saver!


Dear Singapore Waffle Ice Cream, I’m happy I found you! We’re meant to be!

So what’s the fuzz about this Singapore Wafer Ice Cream? Not much, really. They’re quite easy to spot on crowded places. Just look for those red umbrella’s sporting the Wall’s logo (Selecta for Filipinos) and ask for one potong (cut). You can choose from ripple, red bean, yam, sweet corn, durian, honeydew, peppermint, chocolate, and chocolate chip flavors. The vendor will take out a slab and cut you a portion which will be placed between two wafers. And voila — you have your Singapore Wafer Ice Cream! If you’re still not convinced, check out these photos by Rodrei Dizon and see just how happy these tourists are, thanks to the Singapore Waffle Ice Cream!

Don’t forget that Singapore is a tropical country so try to finish your ice cream before it melts. And remember to throw the plastic on a legit trash bin. Avoid the fine. Just do it.
*Photos courtesy of Rodrei Dizon.

  • JM dela Rama
    Posted at 20:21h, 04 August

    Si Manong waffle ice cream looks like a Filipino. 🙂 Looks delish!

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    Posted at 09:42h, 12 September

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